Resume - Professional Experience and Accomplishments

The professional experience section of a resume should provide a summary of work experience over the past ten to fifteen years. Jobs held prior to this period can be summarized at the end of this section in a single sentence. The standard format for listing past jobs is reverse chronological, that is starting with the most recent job and working backwards.

You should start by stating the company's name, job title/job function, date. For the company name, use the full official name. Many times, companies are taken over or merge and in other instances companies are often reffered to by abbreviations. But when putting this important information on a resume, you want the recruiter to be absolutely certain of the company name. Next write the most recent job title while working at the company. If you had more than one job with the same company, break it down by dates to ensure that the job advancements are clearly noticed. A job scope statement that provides a general overview of your position should follow.

One of the most important aspects of the resume is listing your accomplishments. This is key in demostrating your past ability to contribute productively to an organization. You should emphasize past achivements and successes by using quantifiable and measured statements. One way to come up with a good list is to write one or two key list of accomplishments per year of employment.

Well written accomplishments utilize strong action verbs and usually include:

The Challenge - highlight circumstances and conditions that surrounded the accomplishment.

The Action - how you handled the challenge, your actions and the strengths used for the accomplishment.

Result - what was the business impact of your actions? Include the key deliverables, contributions and benefits gained by the organization. It is a good idea to use numerical data to put the results in perspective.

Parts of the Resume, cont.

There are five main parts to a successful resume:

  1. Heading and Opening Summary
  2. Technical and Computer Skills
  3. Professional Experience and Accomplishments
  4. Education
  5. Volunteer Work and Professional Affiliations